7 Simple and Elegant Blue Shade Room Ideas


simple and elegant blue room ideas
simple and elegant blue room ideas

Perhaps because it is often associated with the color of the sky and the sea, in color therapy, blue is often said to create a calm impression and improve one's intuition.

In home d├ęcor, the color blue often creates a calming impression, whether in dark colors like navy for a dramatic room or pale blue for a more narrow space.

7 Simple and Elegant Blue Room Ideas

Are you a fan of the color blue? Whatever your blue color of choice and your favorite interior design style, Singlefloorhousedesigns.com has summarized 7 blue room ideas that you can apply at home. Let's check them out below!

1. Royal blue walls

simple and elegant blue room ideas

The bed in this guest room is adorned by a sofa covered with a blue vintage throw blanket, and crisp white furniture that contrasts nicely with the deep blue color that dominates the walls.

As a result, you get a white-blue room that feels as luxurious as royalty.

2. Beachy blue

simple and elegant blue room ideas

This living room with a beach or nautical theme is very eye-catching while still looking cozy. The addition of a white sofa among other large blue sofas and a white coffee table gives a relaxed beach-like impression.

3. A touch of pastel blue

simple and elegant blue room ideas

Although this living room is predominantly white, the addition of striking artwork and a pastel blue sofa gives the room an interesting feel. Who says a white room has to be boring?

4. Color coordinated

simple and elegant blue room ideas

The living room of this apartment is dominated by blue in various intensities. This is called the color layering technique to help give the impression that this decor-filled room doesn't seem too crowded.

If you want to follow this technique, try to choose a light blue wall paint color and start choosing furniture with darker colors for beautiful layering.

5. A pretty touch on the ceiling

simple and elegant blue room ideas

This bathroom space doesn't have a lot of blue furniture, but because the walls are painted blue all the way to the ceiling, the sense of blue in this room is really striking, isn't it?

Also, painting the same color to the ceiling helps to make the room look more spacious as there is no illusion of a ceiling restricting you.

6. Blue accents on the sofa

simple and elegant blue room ideas

The sofa cushions in this room were replaced with blue-based motifs to give a blue accent to a room dominated by neutral colors.

You can follow this technique if you want to bring in the color blue without having to redecorate the entire room.

7. Blue all over the house

simple and elegant blue room ideas

One more way to add blue accents at home without having to redecorate your entire room is to add blue in every corner of the room.

Examples include adding a blue cushioned chair in the hallway, or replacing the sofa cushions in the living room with blue, and so on.

Those are some blue room ideas that you can replicate if you want to easily add blue to your favorite room. It turns out, you don't have to rearrange your room's interior design, right?

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