15 Aesthetic Living Room Wall Decor Inspirations


aesthetic living room wall decor

Living room wall decorations are various kinds of decorations or art elements that are placed on the walls of the living room to beautify and enhance the interior appearance.

There are various wall hangings that you can use, ranging from paintings, photos, posters, inlays, sculptures, three-dimensional wall decorations, or other art objects. The choice of wall decoration will certainly greatly affect the feel of the living room and show the preferences of the owner. 

This decoration can also give a creative touch and make the room look more attractive, beautiful, and comfortable to look at.

Well, for those of you who want to beautify the living room with various wall hangings. Here are some recommendations for beautiful living room wall hangings from Singlefloorhousedesigns.com!

Wall Decorations of Family Photos, Childhood Photos, and the Like

aesthetic living room wall decor

Beautiful moments with your family must be immortalized for keepsakes, one of which is through family photos. Instead of just keeping them in an album, try printing them, putting them in a beautiful and minimalist frame, and displaying them as wall decorations in your living room. 

Every time you look at them, you can reminisce about your beautiful memories. To make it more interesting, you can design it like the picture above by using a tree decoration that has 1 photo of your family at the end of each branch.

Decoration of Synthetic Plants

aesthetic living room wall decor

For those of you who like the concept of minimalist and natural living room wall decoration, try copying this one decoration. You only need some thick iron or steel wire and then shape it according to the design you want. Then, decorate with some synthetic plants and leaves in some parts to make it look more natural. 

Decoration of a Beautiful Minimalist Shelf

aesthetic living room wall decor

The next living room wall decoration is shelves, shelves are one of the most common decorations that are often attached to the living room wall. One recommendation is a decoration with an aesthetic hexagon shape like the picture above. You can put a few mini ornamental plant pots on the shelf. 

Aesthetic Wall Decoration

aesthetic living room wall decor

Next there is aesthetic wall decoration in the form of wallpaper or wooden displays with a variety of images, motifs, and colors. For design recommendations such as the picture above, so there are 4 separate parts but together like a unit. 

Choose the color of the wallpaper or wooden board that contrasts with the color of the wall and the writing is continuous. 

Decoration of Beautifully Shaped Iron

aesthetic living room wall decor

For a modern and aesthetic impression, you can use wall hangings made of metal or iron that are shaped in such a way. For example, like the illustration above, a metal circle painted in gold with a detailed plant/flower motif in the middle. 

Usually, these decorations can be purchased as a set consisting of several complementary parts. Beautiful, isn't it? Now your living room no longer seems boring! 

Islamic Nuanced Decoration

aesthetic living room wall decor

For a living room with Islamic nuances, you can use wall hangings in the form of calligraphy and the like. The choice can be in the form of pictures or photos in frames or beautiful wall hangers. 

Luxurious Wall Decoration of Leaf Motifs from Golden Colored Metal

aesthetic living room wall decor

This model is similar to the previous model, except that this time the frame is rectangular instead of circular. The details of the motif are inspired by various types of leaves that are given a touch of gold color so that they seem more luxurious and enchanting. 

Mirror Decoration

aesthetic living room wall decor

Next is the decoration of the mirror that is hung on the back wall of the sofa. This decoration is also multifunctional, so in addition to beautifying the appearance of your living room. You can also look in the mirror here when you want to go out. 

Instead of using a regular mirror, try choosing a mirror with an aesthetic carved frame. For the size itself, use a large mirror so that it can give the impression of a wider room and a clearer view. Therefore, this living room wall decoration is more suitable to be applied in a narrow room.

Minimalist Wooden Frame Decoration

aesthetic living room wall decor

Next is the decoration of frames with a variety of fillings, ranging from pencil paintings such as cartoon drawings, abstract paintings, to family photos. Most living rooms in the United States are decorated with these frames, so the use of this wall decoration is very common. 

Rattan Macrame Wall Decor

aesthetic living room wall decor

Living room wall hangings made from macrame threads are becoming increasingly popular, especially if you have a living room with a calm Scandinavian style. 

For recommendations, choose a beautiful, aesthetic, and natural circle-shaped macrame and rattan decoration. To give it a more natural feel, add some synthetic plants (fake ornamental plants) in the center of the macrame! To make it more harmonious, don't just put 1 decoration but 3 at once!  

Embellishment of Macrame Curtain

aesthetic living room wall decor

Still with the same material, macrame, this time the recommendation is an ornamental curtain made from beautiful macrame yarns. For the patterns and motifs themselves are very varied, you can even request the model specifically to the craftsman. 

Decoration of Beautiful Wall Clocks

aesthetic living room wall decor

This one decoration is not just a sweetener for the appearance of the room, but also as a wall clock that makes it easy for you to check the time. This wall clock is made in a set of luxurious gold color with detailed mountain images and beautiful plant patterns. 

Wall with Walpaper Decoration

aesthetic living room wall decor

The next living room wall decoration recommendation is a decoration that is made attached to beautify the overall appearance of the wall. Well, for those of you who have a small budget, you are more advised to use decorations in the form of wall wallpapers. 

For the choice of motifs and colors itself is very diverse, you can adjust it to your taste. For example, this classy marble-style wall decoration will make your room look more high-class. 

To make it more durable, choose a wall wallpaper that is waterproof and easy to install. Waterproof wallpapers are usually anti-fungal and durable, the appearance still looks beautiful even though it has been installed for a long time. 

Wall Mounted Corner Wall Decor

aesthetic living room wall decor

If you want to make better use of the corners of the room, try using this wall mounted corner shelf. This type of minimalist wall shelf can be installed in the corners of the room, you can put some small aesthetic objects in it. 

3D decoration

aesthetic living room wall decor

For those of you who are bored with the same 2D decoration, try using this 3D decoration. This decoration can be made of paper or metal which is more durable. Usually the design is made as a set with several beautiful decorations that complement each other. To make the 3D impression more pronounced, try adding decorative lights at the top to create shadows. 

Well, that's 15 recommendations for living room wall decorations that you can use. You can choose one of them or combine more than 1 choice so that your living room is more beautiful.

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