Bedroom Wallpaper Motifs that Have Many Fans

bedroom wallpaper motifs

Nowadays, to decorate the walls of SFHD's best friend's room, you don't just use paint. There is a room wallpaper that can beautify while protecting the walls of the SFHD best friend's rest room from scratches and moisture.

Installing room wallpaper does need careful preparation. SFHD friends must first check the condition of the walls, choose a wallpaper design that suits the personality of SFHD friends, and even measure the length and width of the walls of SFHD friends' bedrooms.

However, the most important thing is what wallpaper motif suits the vibe of SFHD friends' homes. Here are some recommendations for wallpaper motifs for bedrooms that have many fans and might suit SFHD friends.

Plant Motif Wallpaper

plant motif wallpaper

If SFHD friends like plants, then bedroom wall wallpaper with plant motifs like the one above is suitable for SFHD friends.

The personality of SFHD friends who tend to like peace will be suitable for using plant motif wallpapers.

The green color of the leaves and the brown color of the plant stems will give the impression of nature in the room. This certainly makes SFHD friends' rooms feel comfortable and like blending with nature. 

SFHD friends can also combine with wooden cots, wooden tables or even other ornaments with the theme of nature and forests.

Animal Motif Wallpaper

animal motif wallpaper

For SFHD friends who are adventurous and like animal patterns, the tiger skin motif wallpaper as above is perfect for SFHD friends.

The atmosphere of the room will look unique with a touch of minimalism and animal motif wallpaper. 

SFHD friends' rooms will have a passionate vibe and will make SFHD friends always excited every time they wake up.

Line Motif Wallpaper

line motif wallpaper

SFHD friends who are adherents of a minimalist lifestyle will definitely tend to choose wallpaper with stripe motifs like this.

However, this does not mean that motifs like this are boring. Line motifs like this symbolize the simplicity and interest of SFHD friends with simple but meaningful things. 

Line motifs can also give an exclusive impression to SFHD friends' rooms. SFHD friends will feel like sleeping in a star hotel every day.

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Abstract Wallpaper

abstract wallpaper

If SFHD friends like things that are not organized but contain artistic value and beauty, then abstract wallpapers like the model above are perfect for decorating walls.

Wallpaper with abstract motifs symbolizes creativity which makes room occupants feel cheerful and energized every day. 

Abstract motifs like the one above are perfect for SFHD friends who prefer spontaneous things over organized routines.

Wallpaper with Triangle Motifs

wallpaper with triangle motifs

Triangular motifs can give an elegant impression to the bedroom of SFHD friends. This motif is indeed quite simple and tends not to be neko-neko.

SFHD friends who like simple but still artistic things, then wallpapers with triangular motifs like the one above are perfect for SFHD friends' resting rooms.

In addition, SFHD friends can also combine with pillowcases or sheets with matching motifs. 

So those are some recommendations for wallpaper motifs for the sleeping area that have many fans. Is SFHD friend one of the fans of the wallpaper motif above?

Let's try to apply one of the motifs above to the SFHD best friend's bedroom.

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