7 Elegant Bedroom Wallpapers, Make the Atmosphere More Comfortable!


bedroom wallpaper

The right motif of elegant bedroom wallpaper can change the atmosphere of the room to be more comfortable. Interested in trying? Find inspiration in this article!

Property People are looking for ideas to remodel the bedroom?

Or just want to make the bedroom more comfortable than before?

All of these things can be done easily, namely, installing elegant wallpaper.

This wallpaper motif usually has more muted characteristics than other motifs.

The colors used also tend to be shaded colors that are not eye-catching.

If you are looking for such a motif, Singlefloorhousedesigns.com has presented elegant bedroom wallpaper inspiration.

You can apply this inspiration to your dream bedroom. Let's check out the portraits!

7 Elegant Bedroom Wallpapers

1. Gray Plaid Motif Wallpaper

bedroom wallpaper

Gray plaid wallpaper can make the room look more elegant.

The look is even more elegant when combined with mattresses and furniture that have colors in harmony with the wallpaper.

You can also add bed lamps placed on both sides of the bed.

For more details you can see the inspiration picture above!

2. Gray and White Combination Wallpaper

bedroom wallpaper

Gray and white wallpaper can be the next inspiration for your bedroom.

Place the gray wallpaper right behind the bed.

Other than that area, you can use white wallpaper.

Don't be surprised if your bedroom looks elegant in no time.

The picture above can be a reference that you try.

3. Wood Panel Motif Wallpaper

bedroom wallpaper

Wood panel motif wallpaper can add to the visual appeal of the bedroom.

It is recommended to install the wood motif vertically.

Place the dark blue wallpaper on the wall behind the mattress.

Not magic or magic, your bedroom will seem warmer and more comfortable.

If you are confused, you can see the example picture above.

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4. Retro Motif Wallpaper

bedroom wallpaper

Some designers believe that retro motifs sometimes even give a modern and elegant impression.

The appearance of this elegant impression, usually comes through a touch of a combination of wallpaper and neat furniture.

For more details, you can see an example of the picture above.

5. Soft Green Wallpaper

bedroom wallpaper

Green wallpaper can be a great choice for your bedroom.

The color gives a neutral and shady impression to the room.

That way, you get the freedom to create a bedroom that suits your taste.

Whether it's a modern, elegant, or classic look.

One example of the application of this wallpaper can be seen from the picture in this article.

6. Abstract Pattern wallpaper

bedroom wallpaper

The size of your bedroom walls is wide? If yes, then this one wallpaper is suitable to be applied.

Abstract pattern wallpaper can be the right choice so that the bedroom becomes more comfortable and elegant.

However, you need to avoid using colors that are too flashy or bold.

Better to have cool colors like mint green.

So as not to be confused, please see the picture.

7. Grass Texture wallpaper

bedroom wallpaper

The use of wallpaper in a bedroom can give a warm, comfortable and elegant feel.

To get that impression, you can choose textured wallpaper from materials such as grass.

This textured wallpaper can add to the visual appeal of the bedroom.

For example, you can see the picture in this article.

Those are some ideas of elegant bedroom wallpaper products.